I'm Adam Nickerson; the sole developer at Nickervision Studios.

I started learning how to develop video games in my spare time and now do it full time. I can use all the feedback you can offer :)

Feel free to contact me using the form below and I will do my best to get back to you. Find me on my verified Discord server as well:


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HOW I MAKE MY GAMES (and other semi useful resources)

I often get a lot of questions as to what programs I use to make my games. I make all my games with Unity 3D which is a spectacular tool and free to start using right now. There are also tons of amazing video and text tutorials to help you learn how to properly use Unity, they can be found here. Unity also has a really robust Asset store where users can share and sell their awesome plugins and assets to others, you can find that here. I program using the C# (c sharp) language and use Visual Studio to write the code.  Most of my music is royalty free music I have purchased from a commercial website, they are easy to Google and find them. Sound FX I have downloaded from royalty free sites as well, I also make some in BFXR and others I've made using my crappy Microphone and tweaking them in Audacity.